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The beautiful kitchen ready for a meal at Nice Stay NYC Residence 04

From Concept to Comfort: A Refreshed Stay

The recently redesigned two-bedroom at Nice Stay Fifth epitomizes the perfect intersection of comfort and class. We turned to the talented team at Ash Staging to achieve this delicate balance and create a space that exudes sophistication while remaining entirely livable.

We asked the design experts at Ash how they approached the residence:

“My challenge was to create a sophisticated, yet livable space that would feel special to its tenants while having the ability to be multiplied two, three, or one hundred times in any city across the map. The design is adorned with modernity down to the painted trim work in Benjamin Moore’s Ebony King. The neutral furnishings throughout, featuring touches of chrome that pop against warm walnut and rattan, were carefully selected to prioritize comfort above all else. In each bedroom, Phillip Jeffries wallpaper is paired with crisp white bedding to feel tranquil and calm. The achieved goal was simplicity that, when studied closely, is not quite so simple at all.”

Secondary bedroom with double exposure windows